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How Does A Home Fire Lead To Water Damage?

Water damage occurs in many different ways. Most people associate water damage with overflowing toilets, plumbing leaks or a natural disaster. While these are all common causes of extensive water damage, no one thinks about fires. Believe it or not, fires can also lead to water damage due to the methods needed to put them out. 

These problems aren’t small issues either. Mr Restore has responded to many water damage calls that resulted from a fire. Dealing with both water damage AND fire damage in Dallas and Fort Worth can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners. Check out some of the ways this can happen:

Standing Water Isn’t a Priority

Putting out a fire when it strikes a home becomes the first priority of the owner and the Fire Department. Considering the fact that water is used to stop the fire, a lot of water is left standing once the fire is out. In these cases, however, the main focus of restoration teams is to keep your home structurally stable once the fire is gone. Making sure that all of the water has been removed is just not a priority in that situation, understandably.

A restoration company’s job is to attempt to save your home and ensure the structure of your home is secure. Although it is important to remove the water, it is more important to ensure that the house doesn’t collapse in on itself. Unfortunately, the unattended water will only create more problems in the future.

Standing Water Leads to Damage

The water damage that results from a fire contains water that has some level of contamination. The water was exposed to the smoke and soot from the fire. As a result, it can be considered a health hazard. It can be very dangerous to anyone exposed. You will need professionals to help deal with it. 

These restoration professionals will: 

  • Have the right safety equipment
  • Use the safest and most effective techniques

It is quite possible that you will have to replace all the damaged furniture as well as the carpets and wall insulation if they are exposed to toxins. This can be difficult for families. They might have lost many of their prized possessions, not just in the fire, but in the resulting water damages as well. Some of the furniture may be restored, however, by an experienced restoration team, depending on the extent of the damage.

Use One Restoration Company for All Your Needs

One option to minimize the damages from water and fires is to use the same restoration company to deal with both types of damages. You can let them work on both projects simultaneously in order to reduce the amount of damage done. They will prioritize what is most important at that moment and efficiently switch between restoring the home and looking for any water issues. The company will focus on water damages once the immediate fire threat and structural issues have been dealt with.  

Fire damages are difficult enough on their own, but with water damages, they can become a headache for the homeowner. They can also lead to a lot of other problems, such as: 

  • Mold
  • Insects
  • Health risks 

The stress and dangers can be fixed easily, however, by hiring an efficient restoration team like Mr. Restore. We will be able to deal with both your fire and water damages at the same time. Contact us immediately after you have called the fire department so we can access the damage and begin restoring your home. We have over 50 years of dealing with both fire and water damages and will walk you and your family through the entire process.