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Garland Firefighters Association helps local families

Each year the Garland Firefighters Association invites local families to participate in a Christmas Shopping Spree. We were excited to have an opportunity to be a part of the 29th annual event and help 100 kids get a Christmas they deserve. We arrived to find hot chocolate, coffee and donuts with big smiles from the Garland Firefighters. Santa made his grand appearance and got the kids all excited as well! Each family was paired up with a helper such as a firefighter or member of the community. It was a great way to include various groups and people from all areas of the city. The first family we helped had a boy and an girl, they knew what they wanted and we’re so happy. The second family had 3 boys and a sweet baby girl. They did a great job of budgeting their amount and in the end they took their money and got a gift they could all share as brothers. A tablet! They were so happy to have something as cool as a tablet for Christmas. Thank you Garland Firefighters Association for putting this event together and changing young lives in the community. We appreciate the opportunity to serve alongside Garland!