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Fire Safety Tips in DFW by Mr. Restore

Every home or business should have fire emergency precautions in place to prevent catastrophes. We have responded to many fires that could have easily been avoided if simple fire-safety measures were in place. Fire damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs as well as the loss of sentimental possessions. Follow our fire safety tips to prevent fires and protect your employees and loved ones.

Smoke Detectors

It is important to have smoke alarms installed on all levels of your home or workplace. Remember, all areas of your property are prone to fires, not just the kitchen. Be sure to test smoke alarms every month to ensure they are working properly. You should hold the test button on the detector to check for a loud, piercing noise. If the alarm sounds weak or does not work at all, you should replace your batteries.

If you hear the smoke alarm beeping, but you do not see or smell smoke, this could be a sign that the detector needs new batteries. You should also periodically check to make sure the light on the detector is not blinking, which could also be a sign that you need to change the batteries or need a new alarm altogether.

Fire Extinguishers

Be sure that your property has a fire extinguisher and that every member of the household or workplace knows where it is located. Store the extinguisher close to an exit. Fire extinguishers are useful when a fire is contained in a small area, and the fire is not spreading rapidly. If the room is not filled with smoke and the fire department has already been called, it is safe to use the fire extinguisher. Be sure that you have read the directions before use and that you are familiar with the parts. The National Fire Protection Association suggests using the word PASS when operating a fire extinguisher:

  • Pull the pin, releasing the lock and holding the nozzle away from you
  • Aim low. Be sure to aim the extinguisher low, at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the lever carefully
  • Sweep the nozzle from side to side, ensuring it covers all of the fire

Post these directions where you store the fire extinguisher to ensure they are followed correctly.

Fire Escape Plan

According to the American Red Cross, you may have as little as 2 minutes to escape your home during a fire emergency. It is important to have an evacuation plan in place with your family and employees. Discuss and outline an evacuation plan with each member, and post a map of the plan that is easily accessible. Visit each room of your property and identify two routes where you will exit in case of a fire. Consider the needs of children, the elderly, and pets when identifying routes and exits. Practice this plan at least twice a year to ensure each person understands and remembers where and how to exit.

In the unfortunate event that you do experience a fire, Mr. Restore is here to help you start recovering. We provide professional and experienced technicians to restore the damage caused by a fire to your home or business.