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Fire Safety Tips for Halloween

Its that time of the year again! Jack-o-lanterns , trick-or-treaters and spooky decorations around every corner. It is finally October, which means it is time for you and your family to break out the candy and begin planning your Halloween costumes. 

Although Halloween can be very fun, it is important to keep fire safety in mind. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, over 900 house fires occur per year due to decorations igniting, many of which are caused by candles. Pay attention to flammable items and stay safe this Halloween by following our fire safety tips.

Use Battery-Operated candles 

Many families are tempted to light their driveways and porches with real candles during the Halloween season. However, having a real flame near flammable items and decorations is very dangerous. They can easily catch a child’s costume or fall over and cause items to combust, leading to thousands of dollars in fire damage. Play it safe this season and use battery-operated candles for all your decoration needs. 

If you must use a real candle, the NFPA suggests:

  • Use a sturdy candle holder
  • Remove all flammable items close to the lit candle
  • Light candles carefully and keep hair/clothes away while lighting

Be Aware of Flammable Decorations

Most Halloween decorations are extremely flammable. Corn husks, paper ghosts, spider webs, streamers, and other decorations can easily catch fire and will combust quickly. Place your decorations in an area that will not be exposed to fire, including bonfires, candles, and smokers. 

It is also important that you are mindful of emergency exits. Do not place Halloween decorations that are blocking escape routes or that make it difficult for people to exit quickly. In the case of a fire, it is vital that you, your family, and your guests know how to escape.

Choose Costumes Carefully

Unfortunately, most Halloween costumes are made with inexpensive material that catches fire easily and quickly. Many families across the country have reported that their children suffered from harmful burns due to their costumes catching fire while trick-or-treating. 

Choose a costume that does not have extra material or fabric hanging or trailing far from the body. Costumes with capes or extra material (mummy costume) are extremely flammable and easy to catch a nearby flame. 

If you or your child choose a costume with a mask, it is important that you can see clearly through it. Be sure that you are able to walk around and locate all objects around you while wearing the mask. In the case of a fire emergency, it is important that you can exit without anything inhibiting your vision.

Mr Restore wants everyone to enjoy their Halloween festivities. Remember, stay safe this Halloween and follow all fire safety precautions. If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of fire damage this Halloween season, immediately contact Mr Restore. We have over 50 years of fire damage experience and our expert technicians will ensure you and your family recovery quickly from any fire damage your property may experience.