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Cleaning Fire-Damaged Floors in Grapevine, TX

Fires can wreak havoc at a house or commercial property. It not only affects the indoor air, walls, and furniture, but the floors as well. Once the fire is extinguished and you can safely walk back inside, you can begin the cleaning and restoration process. Below, this fire damage restoration company in Grapevine, Texas is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about restoring your floors following a fire.

Before Going Inside

  • Before you start, make sure the structure is safe and stable.
  • Wear hand gloves, a face mask, sturdy footwear, and do not wear loose clothing.
  • Ensure the fire is extinguished entirely and the surroundings are safe to touch.
  • Be sure you have the right cleaning products that aren’t flammable but are effective.
  • Also, open all doors and windows and allow proper ventilation.

Understand the Types of Fire Damaged Floors

A house fire can destroy your property, causing extensive and irreversible damage. The type of damage that occurs ultimately determines the approach to restore the loss. You could see these three types of fire-damaged floors in your Grapevine, Texas property:

Smoke: The first and foremost problem is the smoke that accompanies a fire. Even if the floor isn’t burnt because of fire, it can still be covered in a thick layer of soot or ash. Smoke-damaged floors necessitate special cleaning procedures to eliminate odor and rid your belongings of the ashes.

Fire: Any part of your property caught in the house fire might get blackened, charred, or disintegrated. It again requires professional examination to determine how safe the structure is and the remediation plans.

Water: Fire damage can often result in water-associated damage as well. The water used to put out the property fire can cause issues. It can result in water damaging the floor and furniture. Any stagnant water can cause bacterial buildup and mold growth.

Take Immediate Action

As soon as it is practical for you, remove the smoke and soot deposits from the fire-damaged floors. Failing to remove the remnants can result in permanent staining of the affected areas. However, we suggest using professional fire damage restoration services in Grapevine, Texas, and avoid making mistakes.

If the floor is scorched, it may require partial or full replacement. If the damage is only soot stains or smoke odors, you can deodorize and clean with fire-safe floor cleaners. There are particular techniques to clean carpeting, wood floors, tiles, or vinyl flooring. However, you can quickly go wrong with restoring marble, Travertine, or Limestone floors as some stain-removing chemicals can do more harm than any good. So, it is important to immediately take remedial actions that can address the problem and leave your floor in good condition. Once the floor is clean, refinish the floor using correct sealing or polishing techniques. Again, this is best left to professionals, but you can try DIY if you have the relevant experience.

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