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Fire in Dallas, TX? Here’s What to Do

Did you just encounter a fire? Scary, isn’t it? So much damage around and the worry of having to deal with the mess. Don’t worry – Mr. Restore  is right by your side. Avail our services related to  fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, and we’ll help you traverse through the nightmare and ensure that damage is minimized. If you ever face a fire, you must protect yourself and those around you. Fire smoke is irritating, and the odor can nauseate you. You may also feel headaches, shortness of breath, and other respiratory problems. We’ll outline certain steps which we feel are mandatory after a fire. And what’s on top of the list? Our services cover fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX.

Availing our fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX

If you avail of our services covering fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, we’ll help you recover quickly from the damage. We’ll mitigate the risks involved and set in everything in order again. For all of these quality services, we charge nominally. Thus, Mr. Restore  is your best choice when you encounter fire or another natural disaster like a flood or a storm.

Staying away from the property

Stay away from your home until we tell you that it’s safe to enter once again. We’ll first extinguish the smoke, inspect the affected area and demarcate a safety zone. We’ll assess the severity of the incident and the health risks involved and accordingly, ask you to enter your home after we’ve cleaned up the property. And by the way, if your home has been badly affected, we’ll probably not allow you in until after a couple of hours have passed.

Informing concerned individuals

Surprised to see this here? You should notify concerned persons of the fire as soon as you can. The first number that you dial should be a loved one. Let them know that the family and you are completely safe, and share other necessary information with them if required. Next, get in touch with a representative at your insurance company. No, they may not contact you, even if they’re aware of the fire, so you should reach out to them first and initiate the claim process. Generate a request and ask them to document the event. Should you need temporary accommodation, your insurance provider can be of help with the arrangement. Don’t forget to save all receipts properly; they’ll be useful during the claiming process. Do you live in a rented unit? Your landlord is another person who should be informed of the incident right after. You can call anyone else as well whom you feel can be of help after the fire. And by the way, don’t forget to inform your employer if the fire has affected your health and requires a day or two away from work.

Understanding the fire report

The fire report discusses several important aspects of the incident. According to our team handling fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX, a fire report includes details about the structure of your house, the affected area, the incident time, and the date. All the information provides specifications to the fire department that can carry out a detailed investigation if required. Our team dealing with fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  suggests that you should obtain a copy of the fire report for your record. Simply call the fire department and ask them for it.

Securing your home

Generally, most of you would have some valuables stored at your home. We’ll try to extract these first, restore them to their original condition, and hand them back in your possession, but this can take anything from a couple of hours to even a day or two. Thus, we secure your property completely and watch over it 24/7 until our professional team dealing with fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX  deems it safe.

Cleaning up

Sometimes a fire doesn’t damage a home completely, but the smoke and soot create a significant mess, meaning that our team dealing with fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  will have to clean up the interior thoroughly. Please note that this is no DIY task because the damage isn’t always obvious, and only our professional team dealing with fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  can figure it out. Before beginning, we’ll conduct an assessment to figure out how bad the damage is. Damage can be divided into several types such as smoke, odor, soot, ash, and charring. We’ll check out the number of affected rooms and then begin the cleanup operation. Soot and smoke often tend to create a film on the wall, and the fire extinguisher residue also accumulates on the surface. We use a number of different products to remove these buildups. When done, we wipe away your walls and then dry up the area. We also clean carpets, rugs, and furniture, but if the damage is extensive, we may take them away to our facility for a more thorough cleaning. Our expert team dealing with fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  suggests that you should leave away all windows and doors open to ensure proper ventilation. If the weather is too cold, do this periodically so as to clean up the air. If you have kids or pets, leave them at a relative or friend’s house. The chemical particles in the air after a fire are more harmful to children than to adults, possessing a number of health risks.

Drying up the place

If the fire is severe, then water is used to put it out. But this exposes you to the risk of water damage, which can pave way for a whole new set of problems, including mold growth. Thus, if required, we may bundle our water damage and fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX,  into the same package.   A fire can mentally affect you and your family members, especially children. Reassure your kids and seek professional counseling if required. Give Mr. Restore a call today. The experts are ready to help you put the pieces back together.