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Devon Colbert, Garland Firefighter

Firefighters are undeniably awesome, but why so much attention from our restoration company? In a very small part, we recognize that if firefighters did not do their jobs, we wouldn’t have much to restore. If they did not bring an end to the flames, your home or business would have nothing to salvage. So, they are the first line in our effort to restore your property and your lives to normal when it comes to fire damage restoration. More than that, though, we recognize that their dedication to service is worth honoring and emulating. They use the skills they have, the training they alone have received, to serve their communities. That is part of our mission, too: applying our exclusive skills and knowledge to meet the needs of our customers. Firefighters ask no thanks, but we wish to show our appreciation through efforts we make on their behalf. And sometimes, it’s providing support for a firefighter who faces challenges beyond the daily struggles of protecting homes and businesses. That’s the case with Devon Colbert. Devon Colbert, a member of the Garland Fire Department, is dedicated to serving his community and taking care of his family. In December, he was in a rollover accident that caused severe spinal injuries. He underwent surgery and 75 days in a rehabilitation facility before returning home to complete various therapies 5 days a week, making a return to health a full-time job. His wife Emily and two sons, Levi and Deagan, are his biggest fans. Each moment of progress is celebrated–toes moving on command, quads firing. Fellow firefighters, friends and family have supported his efforts and come up with creative ways to take care of his family’s financial needs. The Rockwall and Garland Fire Departments had a Fireman’s Ball in March that Mr. Restore sponsored. The Ball sold out 3 times and had the largest attendance of any event ever held at The Harbor. All profits from the event went to the Colbert Family. As a result of winning an auction item at the Ball, Mr. Restore team members got to enjoy dinner with Garland Fire House #7 and meet Devon and Emily. Spending time with them made us even more passionate about helping all firefighters and the Colbert family specifically.