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Common Culprits and Hazards of Kitchen Damage

Holidays in Dallas and surrounding areas mean more time with friends and family. You will likely cook many meals for your guests and prepare food with your family. However, many homeowners in DFW don’t realize that the kitchen is the most likely place for damage to occur in their homes. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of fire damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Not only are fires likely to occur in the kitchen, but the kitchen is also prone to water damage due to your appliances. Damage to your kitchen can lead to costly repairs and the loss of your valuables.

While you are entertaining in your kitchen this summer, it is important to look out for the common culprits of kitchen damage and take precautions. Because your kitchen is prone to both water and fire damage, there are certain things you can look out for.

Fire Damage in the Kitchen

According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Texas Department of Insurance, the kitchen is the number one origin of fires in Texas. Fires cause serious damage to your home, but they can also be life-threatening. Some of the most common reasons fires occur in the kitchen are:

  • Leaving cooking equipment unattended
  • Abandoned or discarded materials
  • Heat source too close to something flammable
  • Oven not turned off

Mr. Restore has decades of experience dealing with the causes of fire damage in the kitchen. We have restored hundreds of kitchens due to a fire. We have a couple of tips to keep you and your family safe while you are cooking in your kitchen:

  • Never leave your stove unattended while cooking
  • Use a timer
  • Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking
  • Clean your stove and burners regularly.

Remember, if your kitchen does suffer from a fire, our professionals know exactly what actions to take and what decisions to make in order to minimize soot and smoke damage while minimizing your loss and saving time and money.

Water Damage in the Kitchen

There are many appliances in your kitchen that can lead to water damage. There are three main culprits that lead to water buildup and floods:

  • Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks can cause water damage in a variety of ways. Be sure when you are washing dishes that you are cleaning up extra water that may have spilled onto your counter. Standing water can lead to mold and water damage on your cabinets and countertops. Lastly, check to be sure the pipes under your sink are working properly and are not leaking. Faulty pipes are a common culprit of kitchen water damage.

  • Dishwasher

Dishwashers can cause serious leaks and even flood your kitchen. Be sure to check the waterline of your dishwasher regularly for leaks. The water line is under your dishwasher, and it can be difficult to notice a problem before it’s too late. Also, check to be sure you are using the correct type of soap or dishwashing liquid to prevent leaks and damage to your kitchen.

  • Ice Maker

Be sure to also check the water line to your ice maker. Broken ice makers will often cause water to leak from your freezer to your kitchen floor, causing serious water damage in your kitchen. If you have a plastic water line, it may be smart to replace it with a copper water line to prevent breakage or leaks.

Although your kitchen is the most likely place for water damage, other places around your home are prone to water damage. Check out our maintenance tips to prevent water damage to your home.