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Choosing a Damage Restoration Company

Almost everyone knows someone that has had something tragic happen to their home, whether the damage was done by fire, water, or storm. Each story makes people cringe when hearing about the pain of getting the damage repaired after the catastrophe. Finding the right damage restoration company can help make your life a lot easier.

These disaster damage stories make people ask the question, how do I choose a restoration company?

Most people immediately go with their insurance companies vendors because they believe the process to be easier and ultimately, they trust their insurance company. However, after settling on their insurance company’s restoration vendor, typically the home owner comes across many issues:

  1. The home owner realizes they do not know how to deal with the insurance company when issues arise concerning what should be replaced by the insurance company and what should not.
  2. The insurance company’s restoration vendor, most likely, will be of no help to the home owner due to the fact that they work and are paid directly by the insurance company. As a result, they answer and cater to the insurance company, not the home owner.
  3. Some restoration companies, that could be your insurance companies vendor, do not do full service restoration work. Which means, they will dry, cut out, and tear down all of the “problem areas” in your structure, but sometimes leave the home owner to find a reconstruction company, a carpet or tile company, painters, and window repair company…etc. to do the rest of the work. This is a daunting task for a home owner who just had a catastrophe happen to their home.
  4. The home owner cannot get in contact with the restoration company. They do not know what is currently being done, what is supposed to be done, or what is going to happen. This can be severely frustrating to the home owner considering the work being done and the length of time they may be out of their home.

Tips on how to select a damage restoration company:

If you have the opportunity, be prepared with a plan of action before a fire, water or storm event. As a homeowner this should be a priority that has great benefits down the road. Look for a company that can be there immediately after fire, flood or storm damage. One that has 24/7 availability that can be there to help you in an emergency. Find one that is a full service restoration company takes care of the process from the board up all the way down to the last coat of paint.

Most importantly, find a company that you can trust and rely on that will work hard with the insurance company to get every cent that you deserve for damage repair.