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6 Tips to Help You Avoid Water and Fire Damage

This a great time of year to take some steps to avoid water damage and fire damage. Although there isn’t a way to completely eliminate the risk of fire or water damage, these steps can help reduce the risk and minimize the amount of damage if a situation were to arise.

If water or fire damage strikes, Mr. Restore can help you get your property and life back to normal faster. Read on for tips that will help you avoid fire and water damage to your home or property.

Water Damage Control

1. Store belongings safely.  If your basement has a history of flooding or other homes in the area, have basements that flood, be sure to store your belongings off the floor or even out of the basement altogether.

2. Repair leaks.  Keep an eye out for leaky windows, doors, or leaks in the roof, and have them repaired quickly. Small leaks can quickly become large leaks in the event of a large storm!

Fire Prevention

3. Test smoke detectors –  A functioning smoke detector is the best way to ensure a quick evacuation if there is a fire in your home. Regularly test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries every six months. (Hint: Changing the batteries during daylight saving time is a great way to remind yourself to do this.)

4. Practice evacuation –  Make sure that you have a fire evacuation plan and that your whole family knows what to do in the event of a fire. Review the plan so that everyone knows the exact steps.

5. Recycle –  Old newspapers, magazines, and junk mail have a way of piling up in homes. Recycle those unneeded items because they can quickly spread fires in your home.

6. Replace damaged extension cords –  Avoid overloading outlets and extension cords, and replace damaged cords immediately.

Restoration Services

Mr. Restore is your go-to restoration company. We put our customers and community first and will work quickly to get your life back to normal. Contact us if you have fire, water, or storm damage to your home, and we will be in touch immediately to restore your property. Right now, we’re offering a $200 gift card when you use Mr. Restore for fire, water, or storm damage restoration services, so give us a call!

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