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6 Things Your Local Fire Department Wants You to Know

Our local fire departments work around the clock to keep our communities safe. From responding to medical emergencies to being the first to arrive at the scene of a fire, our firefighters are invaluable members of our society. Mr. Restore has had the pleasure of working closely with many of these departments in the events of fire and water damage. Here are a few things they wish homeowners knew to prevent fires and respond to emergencies faster.

  1. Regularly Practice Fire Drills With Members of Your Household

Go over with your family how to exit the house from each room, and then practice together leaving the house each month. Be sure to practice crawling on hands and knees and designate an area for the whole family to meet outside. Create a map of where and how to exit and display it in a visible area in the home. Make sure to have two exit options from each room in case one of them is blocked or unsafe. If every family member knows where to go and how to exit the home safely, things will run much more smoothly in the event of a real fire. Being prepared can potentially save your life.

  1. Routinely Inspect Extension Cords

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, extension cords are the leading cause of electrical fires in the United States. Damaged or frayed electrical cords can malfunction and lead to electrical fire hazards. It is easy to forget about extension cords in your home; check them regularly to ensure they do not pose a fire threat.

  1. Be Sure Your Fire/Smoke Alarm is Working Properly

Fire alarms can help prevent dangerous fires from spreading throughout your home and leading to catastrophic damage. Be sure that your fire alarm was installed by a professional to ensure that it will work properly. Test your fire alarm and change the batteries about every 6 months to be sure that it is operating as it should. A great way to remind yourself to do this is during daylight saving time in the fall and spring.

  1. Check That Your Street Numbers are Visible From the Road

Make sure that all street numbers on your home and mailbox are large enough to be seen from the road. The more visible your street numbers are, the faster emergency responders can find your home in case of a fire. Be sure that your numbers are also easy to see at night by installing a light or reflectors near the numbers. Remove any foliage or structures that may make block the view of your numbers.

  1. Use Proper Fuel in Your Fireplace

It is important that you use the correct fuel in your fireplace to prevent a fire in your home. By fuel, we mean dry firewood or natural and propane gas. Local fire departments urge homeowners never to use flammable liquids to start a fire and only to use seasoned hardwood to prevent creosote buildup. Be sure never to leave a fire unattended.

  1. Own Fire Extinguishers and Know How to Use Them Correctly

Fire extinguishers can help prevent the spread of fires throughout your home and are especially useful in the kitchen. Fire extinguishers can put out a variety of different types of fires caused by wood, electrical, gas, liquid, paper, and plastic. Be sure to have at least one fire extinguisher for every floor in your home and to keep one in the kitchen and near any fireplaces. The best kind of extinguisher for homeowners is the 2-1/2 pound Class ABC multipurpose dry chemical extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is not of much use if you do not know how to operate one correctly. Most fire departments suggest remembering the acronym " PASS " when using an extinguisher:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim at the base (bottom) of the fire
  • Squeeze and hold down the handle
  • Sweep the extinguisher back and forth

If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of fire damage in Dallas or surrounding areas this summer, immediately contact Mr. Restore. We have over 50 years of fire damage experience, and our expert technicians will ensure you and your family recover quickly from any fire damage your property may experience. Mr. Restore is a full-service restoration company, meaning we assess and fix the damage to your home and repair and build afterward.

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