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5 Things To Do After Flood Damage in Arlington, TX

Among natural disasters that can occur without a lot of warning, flooding happens to be one of the worst. Other than the fact that it can come without warning, it is one of the most common disasters that can happen for a number of different reasons. Whether it is because of a lot of rain, earthquakes, overflows, or huge pipe bursts, it is something most homeowners face at some point or the other. Water, as good as it is, can become an unstoppable force that will consume everything in its path. When you are afflicted by a flooding problem, there is nothing you can do to avoid it. You can probably try and take a few precautions that will help you minimize the flood damage, but for the most part, you’re going to have to wait the disaster out and deal with the flood damage in Arlington, TX, after it’s all done. Here are the 5 things to do after flood damage in Arlington, TX, that can help you recover.

1. Safety Always Comes First

If there is one thing that will always be emphasized, it is the matter of your safety coming first. The flood damage in Arlington, TX, can cause significant damage to your home, even though it might look completely harmless.

  • First thing, when you are trying to ensure the safety of your family and yourself, you have to unplug all the electrical devices in the area that has been flooded. Ideally, you should go for a safer option and turn off the main power supply in your home. The problem of electrocution is one of the foremost risks when your house experiences flood damage in Arlington, TX.
  • The second thing that you should do in order to ensure your safety and that of your family is to get out of the house. The reason for that is with flood damage, the excess water can very easily be absorbed into the building materials of the home and cause significant structural damage to your home. The floors can become weaker, the dry walls can become soggy and unstable, and there is even the odd chance that the beams supporting your home can suffer critical damage if the flooding was too bad. Make sure that if you are indeed entering your home, the structural integrity of your home hasn’t been compromised by flood damage in Arlington, TX.

2. Documenting The Damage

More probable than not, you will have certain insurance for your property in case of flood damage in Arlington, TX. It is the wisest thing to do, especially if you’re living in an area that is known to suffer from flooding damage. You need to document the extent to which the damage has been done to your property. Once the water has receded and you have made sure that your family is out of the home and safe, you need to first check whether or not the house is stable enough for you to enter. If it is, you should go in and document the extent to which the flood damage in Arlington, TX, has affected your home. This helps you make a very strong case for the insurance claim and help you get the right amount of money as compensation for all the damage by your insurance company. It does not have to be proper and professional documentation. You can just go about doing the documentation with a handheld or a phone camera and try to capture it as well as you can. Take as many pictures as you can right after the damage has occurred.

3. ;The Insurance Company

There should be no delay when it comes to calling your insurance company and telling them about the flood damage in Arlington, TX. Immediately after the disaster has done what it has to, you should call the insurance company and tell them about the situation in acute detail. Please do not try to be clever and be honest and openly truthful about the extent to which the damage has been done, thinking you might be able to make a bigger claim than is due. The insurance company will recommend that you take certain steps in order to help your situation, so you should follow their instructions. Follow their instructions as much as you can. Do make it a point to notify them that you are going to take steps to mitigate the problem after the documentation of the damage. It is an important step. Calling your insurance company right on time will help you with your claims processing later.

4. The Draperies, Furniture, and Curtains

When it comes to flood damage in Arlington, TX, you can pretty much say goodbye to the carpeted flooring. Your carpet probably cannot be saved, but that doesn’t mean everything in your home has to get ruined. After you have done the documentation of the damage as well as you can and informed the insurance company of the disaster, you should get to work on moving as much of the furniture, draperies, and curtains away from the flooded area as you can. Furniture made from wood is especially susceptible to damage from water, and you need to focus on moving that out of the flooded area first if you plan on saving it.

5. Call In The Cavalry

Once you have dealt with all the trivialities after suffering from flood damage in Arlington, TX, you must go through the repair process. You cannot imagine going through the whole process of fixing things yourself. While there are steps that you can take to make your home a little safer to be in, the proper restoration job has to be done by professionals. You need to call in the cavalry to help you with the mitigation in the immediate aftermath and the restoration work to repair your home from all the flood damage in Arlington, TX. The knights in shining armor that will come in to do that are the professionals at Mr. Restore. Contact them at for more information.