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5 Fire Safety Tips When Staying in Hotels and Airbnbs

Most people understand and practice fire safety in their homes and at work, but what about when you are traveling? When you are staying in a hotel or vacation rental, it is just as important to be aware of fire safety and prevention methods. Staying in a different place than you are used to requires you to think a little bit differently about fire safety. Stay safe while you are traveling and practice our fire prevention tips. 

  1. Know the Emergency Exit Routes

When you arrive at your hotel or Airbnb, you may be tempted to dump your bags and make the most of your day. You should take a few minutes, however, to look for any entrances and exits. Note any that are close to your room. During a fire, it is easy to panic due to the heat, smoke, and confusion. It is likely that someone could make a bad judgment when they are confused and have reduced vision. 

It is important to know where the building’s exits are so you are more prepared and can act quickly in case of an emergency. Most hotels post an escape route directly next to a window or entrance. Not knowing where to exit when the room is filling up with smoke is similar to walking around blindfolded. Be sure that everyone you are traveling with also knows where the exits are located in each room.

  1. Preventing Smoke Inhalation

Most deaths from fires are not from burning- but from smoke inhalation. Fire smoke contains many different irritants that cause asphyxiation and make it difficult for you to breathe.  Remember you only have about 2-3 minutes to escape.

  1. How to Escape

When evacuating a fire, the goal is to get out as quickly as possible in a safe manner. Although it may be tempting, try your best to escape as quickly as you can while avoiding running. Don’t attempt to grab personal items since these can be replaced. 

The first thing you need to when evacuating a fire is to assess the threat. Start by checking your room door. Feel the door with the back of your hand. Don’t open the door if it is hot to the touch. You will need to find another way out.  Never take an elevator during a fire. The elevator could break down and you may be trapped.  Use stairs for your escape route.

Avoid excess smoke and heat by staying low and crawling on your hands and knees to safety.

If you are traveling with other people, decide on a safe place to meet in the event of a fire or emergency like a cafe or a street sign. If you are in a home, get familiar with the street and neighborhood to identify a safe meeting place such as a tree, mailbox or street sign.

4. Getting Help

If you cannot escape your room, call 911 to let them know your location. If the phones aren’t working you may have the ability to use your cell phone.  If you have the ability to open  your window – shout for help if it is not blocked by fire.  Firefighters are trained to look for items being thrown, such as towels, toilet paper, sheets and any other items in the room if you need to get their attention.

However, if you open your window, you should be cautious that fire on any nearby floors can lead to smoke funneling through it. You can minimize this risk by hanging a wet towel or sheet over the window. This will still allow you to signal for help. 

  1. Bring Your Own Safety Equipment

Another option when traveling is to bring your own portable smoke detectors. They can give you extra peace of mind if you are in a room with or without a smoke detector. We also recommend bringing a carbon monoxide detector as well. 

Mr Restore cares about your safety while you are traveling. Following these tips will help you stay calm and prepared for a fire if it occurs while you are away from home.