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Four Causes of Home Flooding in Fort Worth

Have you just experienced a flood to your home in Fort Worth, Dallas or Arlington? A flooded living room or kitchen will cause excessive water damage and can be very expensive. A flood in Fort Worth could be caused by a variety of factors and it is important to know what to do. Understanding the different causes of home flooding can help you possibly prevent the disaster. If you have experienced a home flood in Fort Worth, we can provide you the next steps to take when dealing with the catastrophe to your property.


Causes of Home Floods in Fort Worth, TX

Water damage and floods in Fort Worth are often unpredictable, but there are 4 main reasons why they occur.


  • Broken Pipes – A busted or broken pipe in your home not uncommon. Be sure to look out for leaky pipes around your home regularly, particularly under your sinks where you may not check often. Pipes usually burst due to cold weather, water pressure issues, and unsecure pipes.
  • Sewage Backup – A sewage backup can be the cause of a home flood in Fort Worth Texas for multiple reasons.You can usually tell if the sewer system is the culprit because the water will be coming from floor drains or sink drains. One reason could be because excessive precipitation has flooded the sewer system and led to a backup of water. Another reason your home may have flooded due to sewage backup in Fort Worth is because individual service lines are clogged with something, such as grass, roots, or grease.
  • Precipitation – Groundwater can enter the lower level of your home from many different sources. If you have a slope in your yard or or driveway that leads to your home, precipitation and groundwater can easily flood into your living room, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Appliance malfunction – A flood can also happen in your home due to an appliance breaking and leading to water overflowing into your home. Dishwashers, washing machines, and HVAC units can have a faulty water line or break down altogether.



Steps to take if you Experience a Flooding in Fort Worth, Texas

  • The most important thing to keep in mind if you experience home flooding is do not enter the standing water. It is possible that an electric current is flowing through the water and can cause a serious electrical shock. There is also a possibility of dangerous bacteria in the water, especially if the water source is from sewage backup.
  • To prevent electrical shock, immediately turn off the power source in your home.
  • It is vital that you contact a restoration company to begin assessing the water damage and the drying process. Mold can begin to grow if the standing water stays too long. The water damage from your home flood can ruin your floors, carpets, walls, and furniture. Mr Restore has experienced technicians and the correct professional-grade equipment to handle the flooding. We have industrial grade vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers that will take care of your basement and prevent future water damage.
  • After you have contacted Mr. Restore and turned off the electrical source to your home, if it is necessary for you to enter the basement to retrieve important items, be sure that you are wearing rubber boots and rubber gloves. This will be sure that you are safe from the standing water.

Flooding in Fort Worth Texas is not uncommon and Mr. Restore has over 50 years of trusted experience dealing with water damage. We will work with you and your insurance company to quickly and efficiently restore your home after it floods.