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6 Facts You Need to Know about Flooding and Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth, TX

Whether it is a small accident or a big one, water damage in your home can be a cause to worry. In such a scenario, you should not hesitate to call the experts for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. Being laidback about water damage can be problematic as it can wreak havoc in a number of different ways.

It’s also a good idea to educate yourself about the danger that your house faces from flooding, whether the cause is external or internal. The following are some important facts that you need to know about flooding and water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.

1.   Your Health Can Be Compromised

Many homeowners don’t think that flooding is harmful to their health. Sure, it can damage their possessions and the walls in their home but does it negatively impact their health? Yes, it does. Even clean water can become polluted the longer it is sitting or collecting in your home. A good indicator is by judging the color and source of the water.

If it is clear, it is safe to handle it on your own. However, if it appears to be grey, murky or dirty, you should call the professionals for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. If the dirty water is accompanied by an odor, it could be because of the sewage, chemical waste or other harmful components. Furthermore, if the water is black in color, you shouldn’t try to DIY it as it is a health hazard.

2.   Clean Up Has to Be Started Immediately

Once you discover the water damage, you’re immediately in a race against time. To successfully negate the effects, you need to apply water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX within the next 24 to 48 hours. The longer you delay; the more widespread the damage will become. Mold also starts to grow in this time period since the humidity levels are perfect for it.

It’s a good idea to work with the experts because they are more skilled at handling restoration. There’s also a plus point that they offer emergency services and, they have all the necessary tools. Their skill set and experience also mean that they will understand the right method for effective water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.

3.   The No.1 Natural Disaster

Flooding doesn’t just occur internally due to faulty appliances, broken pipes or more. It can happen externally as well. Based on your locality, you might be living in a high-risk area. Additionally, floods are ranked as the no.1 natural disaster in the U.S. and can occur at any time. Flash floods are also known to bring 10 feet walls of water that can submerge whole houses with ease.

In this case, water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX can also be more challenging since you have to wait for the water level to decrease. Even if the water doesn’t rise to 10 feet, the pressure and flow of a flood can be unpredictable. In most floods, even 2 feet of pressurized, flowing water is strong enough to push cars and cause damage to the basement and lower part of the homes.

4.   Cracks in the Pipe

One of the most common causes of water damage in homes is a crack in the pipelines. Don’t think so? Even the most minuscule crack in a pipe can lead to the wastage of around 250 gallons of water, on a daily basis. By the time the leak is discovered, the water damage is widespread and extensive. In this case, water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX should be done on an emergency basis.

Additionally, not all cracks in the pipelines are visible. Even a crack that measures up to 1/8thof an inch will be enough to cause leaks and water damage. There’s an added difficulty here that these cracks are hard to identify. The biggest indicator can be your water bill. If you notice an increase in water consumption and no discernable explanation for it, you might have a leak and unidentified water damage.

5.   It’s known as the “Universal Solvent”

You might think that water isn’t damaging but think again. There’s a reason why it’s called the “universal solvent.” Water tends to eat away its surroundings, slowly and surely. When it pools in a particular area of your home, such as the basement, it will start to break the material around it.

Even if it doesn’t dissolve the surrounding, water will always react. It will get absorbed, evaporate or have another reaction. This can mean that you have water in the floorboards, the sub-level and even on the wallpaper. Due to this nature of water, the services for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX have to be applied quickly and carefully in your home.

6.   Becoming Electrically Charged

Apart from being a great solvent, water is also a great conductor of heat and electricity. This is a reason why you should turn off the electric switch in any area of your home where water has collected. Be careful of any live wires or plugs. Additionally, there is a greater risk for this to happen if the water has reached the outlets and plugs.

Make sure that you turn the electricity off, even when you are getting professional services for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. Another added step you should take is to keep pets and children away from the area. Electrically charged water can give them a bigger shock and cause more harm to them. If you cannot access the main switch area because water is near it, you should call up the electricity company and ask them to turn off the power for you.

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